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GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT ...(Nominee omission, Name Deletion, Correction and Category change)

edited January 21 in Award discussion

Hello Everyone based on some calls and messages we have been getting; some nominees want to edit the names they were shortlisted with, some want different categories and some simply feel astounded with those shortlisted with them and want their names removed as they feel they have no chance.
we hereby decide to let you know HOW AND WHY you might have been shortlisted for categories other than the ones you chose and to let you know how our nomination process works.

1) nominations were done via our website and anyone can nominate anyone
2) That is, you can be nominated by a friend, family or anyone
3) Nominations were also done by a team set up independently for each school
4) meaning this independent committee put forward names of individuals they think should be nominated
5) The independent committee comprises of 15-20 youths and students from each institution (note, they are not a part of the team).
6) Therefore the nomination selection(s) is a democratic process. Each person on the list was nominated by and approved by his or her peers to be worthy of representation in this categories.
7) uninterested participants do not need to upload their picture or be a part of the voting process when it starts.
8) if you don not feel worthy of the category you are nominated for, you are excused from the process.
9) If your name do not appear in the list after you must have successfully nominated yourself, sorry its not a mistake. it means, due to the number of nominations gotten for your category, you could not be shortlisted this year by the team. Dont be sad, continue doing what you are doing, dont stop being amazing and trying to make waves. there is always a next time and next year.



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