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Hooray !!! New File Upload Feature Available.

Hooray !!! , Elite Vibez forum now supports file upload. You can upload music, videos, and your pictures to your forum Account for others to view and download. Other features include : The ability to create folders to sort file uploads, view and download options. We support a maximum space of about 50mb and an upload size limit of about 7mb per upload. This feature is still in development and we hope to add support for a larger file upload space soon.
1. You need to be a registered user to access this feature.
2. To register, simply click on the Google or Twitter button on the forum homepage. This will take you to a screen where you will be prompted to enter your Google or Twitter login details respectively. After the registration process, you will be redirected back to our site as a registered member.
3. For registered members, simply login into your Vibez forum Account and navigate to the menu at the top of your screen.
4. Locate a "MY FILES " link and click on it. The link will take you to the file upload section of the website.
5. You can upload a test file and watch as it appears below on the same page in the files section. Now you are ready to share your amazing music, videos and pictures with the world.

For Enquiries and technical Support, send a Private message (PM) to @elitevibez and we will reply you as soon as your message is received.
EliteVibezIT team.

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