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10 Things a business man or woman needs In Nigeria

edited December 2016 in General discussion

I received two calls today And they both asked the same thing. What do I need to do to be successful in my business..
Most people have read books, read stories, but they are just words, they can't relate OT to what they are going through.
That made me realise, the need to write this. I can share from my experience but the community can also add to it with input.

1) you must have a business: The first thing you need might sound somehow but it's the truth. You must first have a business.. Every business offers a service that people are willing and able to pay for. Once you have that, you are good to go.

2) start big or start small: lots of people have asked me this question and the answer lies in your business environment, who are your target market, how wide your market is determines the probable immediate size of your business.

3) understanding profit, interest and basic economic and accounting terms and concepts: you cannot successfully manage your business over time without understanding or having someone in your team who understands basic concepts of account and business.
Your every economic decision should be taken with in depth knowledge of this tools necessary for your growth and day to day transactions.
To be continued

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